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J&J Drainage Products Hutchinson, Kansas, offers a wide variety of corrugated steel products, including corrugated and spiral rib pipe, accessories, special fabrications and more such as flap gates, meter boxes, window wells, cattle guards, sheet piling, bridge decking, guard rails, multi-plate sectional structures and more in Kansas only.


"We have a 40-year history with J&J. They’re trustworthy and honest, and I wish there were more suppliers and competitors like J&J. They’re just a bright spot in this industry. They’re also dependable and do what they say they’ll do. We’ve never had a problem with their product, quality or service. It’s a pleasure to do business with them."

Mike Ross
Dub Ross Co.












J&J Drainage Products offers dimpled bands in galvanized and aluminized steel.







All J&J product materials are certified and meet standards set by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Our materials also meet criteria of the Buy American Act.












"J&J is one of the few companies who are approved in all the states in Lane’s market area. They have a good relationship with all the DOTs we work with. And they have excellent products. They offer all the different materials and types of end sections that Lane needs. And they always respond to my phone calls, and are always willing to help with our needs."

Annette Bliss
Plant Manager
Lane Enterprises













"I have enjoyed working with the staff at J&J Drainage Products for many years. They are knowledgeable about the products they offer, and are sincere in establishing a long-term relationship with the customer. The quality of the products and the service they provide is always appreciated."

Brian Stone
Midwestern Culvert Ltd.


Corrugated Steel Products

Kansas Only

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In Kansas, J&J Drainage Products Co.® offers corrugated pipe, culvert accessories, connectors and miscellaneous special fabrication products in addition to its full line of end sections, and accessories.


Corrugated Steel Pipe:

J&J offers a wide range of pipe for various applications:

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Corrugated Plastic Pipe:

Our corrugated plastic pipe is a gravity-flow, watertight pipe ideal for storm sewers, detention systems and cross, slope or edge drains. Other applications include golf courses, sports playing fields and parking lots as well as irrigation ditch enclosures. Meeting 10.8 psi pressure, it is available in sizes ranging from 4 to 60 inches in diameter. The composite joint system gives you a watertight solution.

Plastic pipe specifications (pdf)

Plastic pipe installation (pdf)


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Accessories & Fabrications:

  • Flap gates
    • Cast iron
    • Steel-fabricated
    • Aluminum
  • Canal gates
  • Valves
  • Grates
  • Tees
  • Wyes
  • Crosses
    See more on steel pipe fittings (pdf)
  • Meter boxes, well pits and rat holes
    See details
  • Steel lids – snap-on and flanged
    See details
  • Steel ladders
    See photo in margin
  • Window wells
  • Cattle guards
  • Pond inlets – canopy and hooded
  • Trash racks (58 M–105 and 5E27695)
  • Risers
  • Base plates
  • Elbows
  • Anti-seep collars
  • Pipe stands
  • Rodded bands
  • Gaskets
  • Steel flanges
  • Stop-log structures

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  • Corrugated sheet piling
  • Bridge decking
  • Steel multi-plate sectional structures
  • Guard rail
    • Guard rail posts and blocks
    • Guard rail end terminals
    • Guard rail hardware
      • Splice bolts
      • Post bolts
      • Washers
      • Nuts
  • Signs
    • Regulatory
    • Warning
    • Parking
    • Construction
    • Special order
  • Sign posts
    • Wood
    • Steel u-channel posts
  • Grader blades

  • Propex parts bags (available with your logo)


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