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J&J Drainage Products offers the most complete selection of safety slope end sections, round or arched from 12 to 60 inches, in galvanized and aluminized steel with parallel or cross-drain bars for corrugated steel, concrete and plastic pipe. End sections, creating greater hydraulic efficiency, are made from certified materials meeting AASHTO and ASTM standards and highway safety requirements. End section and culvert accessories also available.


"J&J is one of the few companies who are approved in all the states in Lane’s market area. They have a good relationship with all the DOTs we work with. And they have excellent products. They offer all the different materials and types of end sections that Lane needs. And they always respond to my phone calls, and are always willing to help with our needs."

Annette Bliss
Plant Manager
Lane Enterprises









"We’ve been working with J&J for more than 20 years. Their products are high quality…but their biggest value is their service. It’s very good. When they say something is going to be delivered, they follow through. They have a personal touch in their business. Everybody there is very personable and service-oriented. It’s really nice to deal with a family business. We really feel we can count on them."

Kenzie MacPherson
Big R Manufacturing









We’re all about safety! J&J products undergo ongoing testing to ensure an optimal level of safety and standards set by federal and state highway transportation agencies. All while increasing hydraulic efficiency.

Field demonstration of Safety Slope End Sections (six minute video)

University of Kansas Hydraulic Report on J&J Safety Slope End Section Performance (six minute video)








"J&J Drainage is a very honorable and trustworthy company that Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company has enjoyed a positive working relationship with for the past 25 years."

John Dremler
Plant & Operations Manager
Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company











J&J Drainage Products' safety slope end sections create greater hydraulic efficiency and are easy to install.













Safety Slope End Sections

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In 1986 J&J Drainage Products Co.® pioneered the development of the Safety Slope End Section that has contributed greatly to improved highway safety for motorists — while increasing the hydraulic capacity of the culvert.

Our Safety Slope End Sections, featuring traversable parallel or cross-drain bars, are longer and narrower than the standard flared end section, improving the hydraulic efficiency at the inlet.

Our newest and most complex product, the Safety Slope End Section meets the federal highway safety design requirements, and is made from certified materials meeting AASHTO and ASTM standards and the Buy American Act.


J&J is serious about safety!


  • Corrugated steel pipe
  • Smooth and corrugated plastic pipe
  • Reinforced concrete pipe

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  • Galvanized steel ... the industry standard
  • Aluminized steel ... an aluminum alloy coating on steel ... with a lifespan of more than 100 years, exceeding most Department of Transportation standards

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  • Round: 12”-60” diameter
  • Arched: Span and rise of 17”x13” to 83”-57”

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  • Round and arched: 4:1, 6:1 and 10:1

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Traversable Safety Bars

Bars are made from 3-inch pipe. Span between bars meet or exceed federal and state transportation standards for safety


Parallel bars
(also known as entrance pipes)
  • Typically used under intersecting side roads, median crossovers, access ramps and driveways

  • Maximum 24-inch span between bars

  • Bars arrive unattached and can be assembled using only standard wrenches.


Cross-drain bars
(also known as cross-road pipes)
  • Typically used under major roadways and highways
  • Bars arrive as a one-piece welded grid


See complete information on Safety Slope End Sections
Safety Slope End Sections for round and arched pipe (pdf)
FHWA Safety Slope End Section for round and arched pipe (pdf)
Safety Slope End Sections for HDPE pipe (pdf)

Safety Slope End Section positioning (pdf)

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End Section Connectors
  • Type 2 short rods
  • Side D-lugs
  • Type 1 straps and bolts
  • Full-circle rods with silo lugs
  • Toe plate extensions
  • Indiana anchors

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A smooth tapered sleeve, available in galvanized and aluminized steel, can be used to connect concrete and plastic pipe to a metal end section. One end of the sleeve wedges snugly into the pipe, and the other attaches to the end section using standard connectors.

The sleeve ensures a consistent flow-line connection.
Sleeve details (pdf)

Optional products that can be attached to any end section include a toe plate extension, Indiana toe plate extension and dimpled adaptor band.
See toe plate extension detail (pdf)


Now read about our culvert accessories and hardware.

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  • Increased safety for motorists

    The parallel and cross-drain bars for flattened roadside embankments are traversable by vehicles, helping prevent serious accidents and injury. Recent data from federal- and state-sponsored research shows that flatter slopes on roadside embankments greatly minimize driving hazards. Generally, the slope of the culvert matches the embankment slope.

    Field demonstration of Safety Slope End Sections (six-minute video)

    University of Kansas Hydraulic Report on J&J Safety Slope End Section Performance (six minute video)

  • Cost-saving efficient design
    • The full rod along the length of the end section eliminates the expense of pouring and forming concrete reinforcement.
    • A deep skirt anchors the end section while preventing scouring and undercutting and the burrowing of rodents.
    • The flat apron, or bottom panel, eliminates twisting or misalignment of the end section.
    • Safety bars bolt directly to the end section, eliminating the need for a concrete blanket.
  • Enhanced hydraulic efficiency

    ... due to J&J’s design with its longer flow line and safety bars

    Field demonstration of Safety Slope End Sections (six-minute video)

    University of Kansas Hydraulic Report on J&J Safety Slope End Section Performance (six minute video)

  • Easy attachment

    The safety slope end section can be attached using only standard wrenches. Safety slope bar holes are prepunched in the walls.

  • Uniform fit

    Our custom-designed, computerized Trumpf machine ensures accurate, precision fit time and time again.

  • Easy maintenance

    Mower blades and sickle bars pass harmlessly over the end section because it is installed flush with the slope. During snow removal there are no hidden obstructions to slow the job or damage the culvert or maintenance equipment.

  • Attractive appearance

    Matching the fill slopes, the end section "finishes" the appearance of the culvert and keeps grass, weeds and debris from the culvert opening. It also increases flow characteristics, preventing scouring and undercutting.

  • Long life

    End section materials – galvanized and aluminized steel – give our products a long life span. And by using rods or straps and bolts, end sections can be salvaged if the culvert is moved, replaced or lengthened.

  • Field demonstration of Safety Slope End Sections (six-minute video)

    University of Kansas Hydraulic Report on J&J Safety Slope End Section Performance (six minute video)



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