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J&J Drainage Products offers corrugated steel and HDPE culvert liners for steel, concrete and HDPE  pipe, 12 to 120 inches in diameter.


"We have a 40-year history with J&J. They’re trustworthy and honest, and I wish there were more suppliers and competitors like J&J. They’re just a bright spot in this industry. They’re also dependable and do what they say they’ll do. We’ve never had a problem with their product, quality or service. It’s a pleasure to do business with them."

Mike Ross
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J&J Drainage Products offers culvert liners for corrugated, concrete and HDPE pipe.






"I have enjoyed working with the staff at J&J Drainage Products for many years. They are knowledgeable about the products they offer, and are sincere in establishing a long-term relationship with the customer. The quality of the products and the service they provide is always appreciated."

Brian Stone
Midwestern Culvert Ltd.


Culvert Liners

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Finally, there’s an alternative to costly and time-consuming culvert pipe replacement. Culvert liners give deficient pipe a new lease on life.

To give you even more options, we offer liners in both corrugated steel and CulvertRenew® high-density polyethylene.

Our culvert liners give you significant advantages:
  • Less costly than pipe replacement
  • Faster, easier installation
  • Less disruption to traffic
  • Easy to join
  • High-flow properties
  • Strong and durable



Pipe comes in a variety of size and shapes – round, arched and horizontal elliptical:

  • Corrugated steel and HDPE culvert pipe: 12"-120" diameter
  • Concrete culverts and sewer pipe: 12"-120" diameter

See chart on plastic pipe standard dimensions (pdf)


Corrugated Steel Culvert Liners
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and install
  • Available in helical corrugated and smooth lined corrugated steel pipe
  • Manufactured in accordance with AASHTO M36 and ASTM A 760/A, 760/M standards
  • Provided in any length that will facilitate insertion at the site
  • Available in standard and custom sizes, round or arched, to fit the existing pipe cross-section
  • Various coatings available
  • Adjusting bolts used to secure the liner, or slipline, pipe in position and prevent floating of the pipe during grouting

Read more (pdf)


CulvertRenew® Plastic Pipe Liner

These CulvertRenew® liners offer a lightweight, strong and easy-to-install system that is an ideal, cost-effective choice for culvert and sewer insertion renewal and for direct-burial applications.

  • Manufactured from PE3408 premium-grade polyethylene resin with extra high molecular weight
  • Homogenous and resistant to environmental stress crack
  • Thread-Loc®, a "screw-together" coupling system, forms a soil-tight connection when two pipes are threaded together.
  • Smooth interior and exterior surfaces with hollow-wall closed profile
  • Sized to fit the culvert or sewer pipe
  • Pipe stiffness 46 psi as tested in accordance with ASTM D-2412 and numerous highway specifications, including those of AASHTO
  • Pipe joint interlocked to maintain the tensile strength of the pipe and accommodate contraction caused by weather
  • Liner can be pushed or pulled into the pipe without joint separation
  • Connector threads the helical spiral together to form an integral joint

See chart on standard dimensions (pdf)


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